Application of video measuring machine in PCB industry

TIME:02-13 2023

Video measuring machines are commonly used in the printed circuit board (PCB) industry for quality control and inspection purposes. These machines use advanced imaging technology to capture images of PCBs, and then analyze and measure specific features and dimensions to ensure that they meet industry standards and specifications.

Some of the key applications of video measuring machines in the PCB industry include:

Dimension measurement: The machine can measure the length, width, height, and angles of various components and features on the PCBs with high precision.

Hole and pad measurement: The machines can accurately measure the size, shape, and position of holes and pads on the PCBs.

Solder joint inspection: The machine can inspect solder joints for quality and reliability, and check for defects such as shorts, opens, and excessive solder.

Component inspection: The machine can inspect components for correct placement, orientation, and alignment.

Surface finish inspection: The machine can inspect the surface finish of the PCBs, such as gold plating, for consistency and uniformity.

By using video measuring machines, PCB manufacturers can reduce the risk of defects and improve the quality of their products. The machines also help to minimize the need for manual inspection, reducing the risk of human error and increasing efficiency.