TIME:06-01 2021

Experience of the assembling team and service team, after the test from the most difficult tasks we had in China, we know exactly how to build a good machine.


Now I can tell confidently that, the UNIMETRO products can be put in any corner of the world and do great contribution to the end user to help to achieve more advanced quality control. And the result also has come as we expected, after some years of effort in the global market, we have been approved by many international brands such as Samsung, Faurecia, ISC, Samsonite, Apple...If they can approved our products, I believe that UNIMETRO can help most of the factories in the world.

Metrology product is a tool, just like a spanner or a screw driver, it is not like a car or a lady bag, nobody should need a luxury brand to prove anything. When we are trying to select a metrology product, we should consider if this machine can help to solve problems, this should be the only reference for making our decision. UNIMETRO will eventually become a brand in the world some day, by then I am sure that we will still keep our reasonable price, and sincere service for all our customers. 

From 2007 to 2021, these 15 years, it is the most valuable time in my life, I strated from my 23 years old, Now I am 37. It is also the most valuable time for the Chinese metrology industry development. I have been grown up from a boy to a man, and the industry has also grown up as a very competitive industry in the world.


Metrology industry give me my career, help me to build my own business to feed my family, also give me a great opportunity to do more contribution to the world and play much more important role than I can never even imagined. I respect metrology industry and even regard metrology with awe. This is the reason pushing me to make the best products and brand in the world.


This is my story, also this is the story of the metrology industry in China. Maybe you dont know me, but if you are also a profession in this industry, the moment you have a chance to see or touch our products, you will understand, what I am trying to tell you are all the truth!


I am Henry Wong, I am from UNIMETRO METROLOGY.


There is still a long way ahead!

May 6th, 2021

Dongguan, China