TIME:06-01 2021

As I mentioned above, since 2007 there were great industrial revolution going on in China because of Apple products entering and it is still keep changing our life until now. China was changing from a world OEM factory, to a real products supplier. Thanks to foxconn, they made most of the iphone production line done by local technology, this forced all the equipements suppliers like machining centers, automation, metrology manufacturers to improve themselves in a very short time. In the meantime, this made a very firm foundation and good reference for other giants to grow up in short time, like Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, DJI, BYD... And around the electroinics giants there were many industries supporting. Such as Lens, CATL, TPK, JANUS... These new brands supported the giants to produce billions of cell phones, pads, electrical cars and sell to the world market. 

Under this kind of extreme high pressure of production scale, these brands need stable and great quantity of metrology equipments to help to control quality. And the only option is Chinese products. Many metrology brands have caught this opportunity and have been growing fast in this period, including UNIMETRO. Others who can not follow the new rules have been totally eliminated. 

We had to improve our technical level and products level to satisfy the measuring application. We are facing the most difficult situation in the measuring area, mass production, 24 by 7 running factories, and extremely strict accuracy requirement. We must improve the stability of the machine, software function, advanced optional accessories, such as laser or confocal laser, and flexibility for automation, last but not less, a very strong team of service, to satisfy these big customers requirement. This experiece forced UNIMETRO become a world level metrology manufacturer and the UNIMETRO products becomes world level.

After this long term experience, I confirm that, it is the right time to go out to the global market again, to earn back those reputaion and trust we have lost for years. I have gethered a very strong sales and supporting team, trying our best to represent the Chinese metrology industry, to output our best products and service to help more end users and factories to improve the products quality control level. 

To achieve success in the global market again, of course it is not counting on a good slogan, but our products is the key. Thanks to the fast development of the Chinese industry, all the below conditions are allowing us to build the best metrology products in the world:

Low price and high quality raw materials, such as granite, aluminum, steel...

Mature and stable machining lines for parts manufacturing, ensure all the machines parts dimension are strictly controlled to keep stable accuracy for the final products.


Integrated solution for machine control, including motion control, illumination, signal transfering, all highly integrated in a processer, which makes the machine extremely stable.


Self-developed software, improving the flexibility of our machines application. Customized service are always available.