TIME:06-01 2021

Let’s come back to the metrology industry. After 2007, what had happened.


After seeing the success of Easson, Rational and 3D Family, many employees in the industry would like to try to start their own business. And they did it. Many new small brands established in this period. Most of the new players came from these 3 big brands. Because of the simple application and relatively low requirement from the end users, these new players could survive. 

And at that time, there were one guy in China, who was extreamely popular, and he were claiming that he would make all the business easy in the world, his name was Jack Ma, and his Alibaba. He did what he meant. Those years Alibaba developed in a very high speed, it helped Chinese companies to open the international market, of course, including the metrology suppliers. These small brands used the Alibaba platform to start global marketing and selling their products to the world. 

In the meantime, the global metrology market was lack of option. The end users could only choose from very limit brands from Europe, Japan or US, and those brands price were high. There was big gap in the medium low level market. Then Chinese products showed up. Many of the professional distributors saw the opportutity and cooperated with the Chinese brands. In my opinion, this period has created a great problem for the future development of the Chinese metrology in the global market and this problem last for long time.

Maybe you would ask, why? It looks like a very good beginning, Chinese products compensate the market gap, and all the distributors are willing to sell, this should be quite profitable for both sides. But unfortunately, the truth was not like this. There were too many players in this game, this made the situation became complicated. Some of the players were not even technically qualified to offer a precise instrument like a vision measurement machine. And many of the players, their only target was margin, but not concerning the quality. This led to the result that many low quality machines were sold in the global market. Further more, because of the fierce competition, all the sellers were cutting down the price to survive. No body could offer good service to the distributors, this made many of the professional distributors feeling very disappointed about Chinese products, and stop promoting them in the market. In this period,Chinese metrology products has earned very bad reputation in the global market. End users complained that Chinese products had no after sales service.


This had done great harm to the Chinese metrology industry, the influence even last until now. It has been very difficult to earn the trust back from the customers. 

But until recent years, we finally have got a very good opportutity to change this situation.